On-demand services

Keyless access for your on-demand car service

With the Smartcar platform, on-demand vehicle maintenance businesses can make their services faster, safer, and more efficient than ever.

Instant location sharing

Your customers no longer need to manually enter their car’s location in your app. Instead, your service technicians can conveniently locate your customers’ vehicles automatically.

Convenient digital key sharing

Instead of meeting your service technician for a physical key exchange, your customers can share a digital car key with one click from your web portal or mobile app.

Less friction, more revenue

By making on-demand vehicle maintenance more seamless for your technicians and your customers, you can complete services faster, book more appointments, and increase profits.

Spiffy mobile app showing the VIN, location, car wash package, and a lock/unlock button for a Chrysler Pacific vehicle

The benefits of Smartcar’s platform

Compatible with 37 car brands

With a single integration, your app can connect to most 2015 and newer vehicles.

Easy-to-use technology

Our friendly documentation and SDKs allow your engineers to integrate Smartcar in less than a week.


Unlike other telematics services that require aftermarket hardware like OBD-II dongles, Smartcar’s solution is entirely hardware-free.

Transform on-demand car services

Mobile mechanics

Mobile mechanics

Make mobile car repair even more convenient for your customers. Offer instant booking and contactless services via your web or mobile app.

On-demand car wash

On-demand car wash

Improve your mobile car wash and mobile detailing services with seamless location sharing and digital car keys.

Fuel delivery

Fuel delivery

Accelerate your gas delivery services with instant location sharing and keyless access.

Car disinfections

Car disinfections

In addition to the traditional car wash, offer on-demand car disinfection services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Close-up of a person’s hand washing a car’s wheel rim with a sponge, water, and soap.

What our customers say

“Our goal is to provide customers more precise predictions on when they might need to service their vehicles. We’re making this happen by using Smartcar to get a vehicle’s real-time mileage and predict its next tire, brake, and oil change.”

Alessandro Mannino

Director of Product at Bumper

“Our Smartcar partnership removes the ‘key exchange’ process with multiple OEMs. It’s an important step towards our goal of zero-friction car care services.”

Scot Wingo

CEO & Co-Founder at Spiffy