Fleet management

Telematics for small fleet management

Simplify fleet management with telematics software. Build cost-effective, easy onboarding solutions for small fleets.

Accurate location tracking

Include hardware-free vehicle location tracking in your fleet management dashboards. Let your customers monitor the parked location of a vehicle without GPS tracking devices.

Real odometer readings

Integrate mileage information into your fleet management software to help fleet owners monitor their vehicles and manage preventive maintenance schedules.

Predictive maintenance

Allow fleet managers to increase uptime. Let them monitor fuel tank levels, EV state of charge, tire pressure, and engine oil life to know exactly when to service a particular vehicle.

Digital car keys

Allow businesses to lock and unlock their vehicles’ doors with digital car keys directly from your fleet management app.

Azuga mobile app showing the VIN, odometer, location, fuel tank level, and a lock/unlock button for a Ford F-150 vehicle

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Front-page of Smartcar’s fleet management white paper showing rows of parked cars in a parking lot from a bird’s eye view

The benefits of hardware-free fleet tracking

Speed up onboarding

Your customers can connect their fleet instantly with just four clicks from your fleet management dashboard. No need to partner with regional hardware installers or to educate customers about self-installations.

Cater to small fleets

Smartcar-powered solutions are ideal for smaller businesses that can’t afford expensive aftermarket hardware and large enterprises that want to scale their fleets more efficiently.

Simplify fleet management

Smartcar lets you to integrate directly with the embedded cellular modem in most modern vehicles. Retrieving a car’s location, odometer reading, fuel tank level, and other car data is as easy as a single API request.

The power of Smartcar’s platform

Compatible with 37 makes

Compatible with 37 makes

Whether your customers manage fleets of cars, vans, or pickup trucks, our API lets you connect to a whole fleet in a single integration.

Easy to use

Easy to use

With our friendly documentation and SDKs, your engineering team can integrate Smartcar into any mobile or web app. Automatic software updates eliminate the need for maintenance.

Precise & reliable

Precise & reliable

By eliminating the hardware layer and connecting directly to the vehicles themselves, you can obtain the most rigorous and tamper-proof car data on the market.

A row of Tesla vehicles parked in a parking lot in an industrial park seen from the sidewalk

What our customers say

“With Smartcar, we found the perfect partner to help us deliver our vision of making vehicle rentals contactless and convenient.”

Biswajit Kundu Roy

CEO at Coastr

“Over time, I’m looking forward to not only the cost savings associated with Smartcar for our customers but also the wow factor when our fleets realize we can remotely connect them.”

Chelsea Dowling

Head of Operations at Zeti

“Our mission is to make fleet management simple, no matter how large or small the fleet. We wanted to remove [hardware] barriers for fleets, and Smartcar provided the perfect solution.”

Chad Caswell

CEO at Zubie

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