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Unlock predictive maintenance

The Smartcar API empowers auto maintenance businesses with reliable and accurate vehicle data for streamlined repairs and personalizing customer engagement.


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Predict maintenance needs

Implement predictive maintenance to detect vehicle issues early. Use the Smartcar API to monitor vehicle performance and retrieve data at set intervals for the most accurate, up-to-date vehicle data.

  • Personalize service recommendations based on the condition of each customer's vehicle.
  • Increase service frequency by guiding customers to nearby service locations.
  • Monitor vehicle mileage, tire pressure, oil life, fuel tank, and EV battery levels regularly.

Increase maintenance revenue & build customer loyalty

Drive growth with targeted marketing campaigns and personalized service offerings using timely vehicle data from Smartcar. Foster long-term relationships and increase referrals by engaging the right customers at the right time

  • Deliver trigger-based service reminders and recommendations.
  • Power a virtual glovebox experience with service offers and upsells based on live vehicle data.
  • Increase revenue with targeted customer nurture based on historical and existing vehicle data.

Streamline on-the-ground operations

Optimize service processes and enhance operational efficiency by reducing the need for reactive tasks. Spend less time on customer check-ins, in-store vehicle inspections, inventory management, and technician schedules.

  • Optimize inventory based on vehicle mileage since last service to predict and prepare for customer needs for parts such as tires, brakes, and oil changes.
  • Improve resource allocation and optimize schedules with up-to-date visibility into issues based on vehicle data prior to their arrival.
  • Provide faster contactless check-ins using a vehicle’s VIN.
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Increase service frequency and revenue with Smartcar

See how Smartcar can deliver value to your business with proactive and personalized customer engagement.
Total % of customers connected via Smartcar
Drive 2.5x visits from your existing customers
Additional number of services per year
Additional annual revenue from existing customers

The Smartcar API in action


Increase service frequency with timely recommendations to nearby retail locations, targeted offerings, and mobile solutions for at-home repairs.  

Roadside assistance

Remotely determine vehicle issues based on vehicle data and immediately dispatch technicians with the correct parts directly to a vehicle’s location.

Auto dealerships

Increase customer satisfaction and marketing conversions with automated data retrieval to power service reminders, warranty upsells, and sales for new and used cars.


Personalize warranty offers and customer marketing campaigns for upgrades or extensions based on vehicle mileage and performance.

Vehicle history reports

Obtain accurate vehicle data to determine health scores for used vehicles, maintain maintenance records, and aid purchasing decisions.

What our customers say

Through our collaboration with Smartcar, Treads is advancing its vision of transforming how drivers interact with their vehicles. With the Treads app, drivers can now access their vehicle's vital information right from the palm of their hands.

Zach Olson

Founder and CEO

“Our goal is to provide customers more precise predictions on when they might need to service their vehicles. We’re making this happen by using Smartcar to get a vehicle’s real-time mileage and predict its next tire, brake, and oil change.”

Alessandro Mannino

Director of Product at Bumper

Tire pressure

Retrieve the air pressure for each tire from a vehicle’s TPMS.

Engine oil life

Retrieve the remaining life span of a vehicle’s engine oil.


Verify a vehicle’s mileage accurately and cost-effectively.

Remotely lock & unlock

Virtually lock and unlock a vehicle’s doors.

The power of Smartcar’s platform

Compatible with 37 makes

Compatible with 37 makes

Whether your customers manage fleets of cars, vans, or pickup trucks, our API lets you connect to a whole fleet in a single integration.

Easy to use

Easy to use

With our friendly documentation and SDKs, your engineering team can integrate Smartcar into any mobile or web app. Automatic software updates eliminate the need for maintenance.

Precise & reliable

Precise & reliable

By eliminating the hardware layer and connecting directly to the vehicles themselves, you can obtain the most rigorous and tamper-proof car data on the market.

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Download our guide

This guide explores how a connected car API helps businesses elevate vehicle maintenance by:

  • Enabling predictive maintenance via regular data retrievals.
  • Simplifying customer opt-in and onboarding processes.
  • Future-proofing their business without costly telematics hardware, developer investment, and technician training