EV charging networks

Build smarter EV charging solutions

EV charging networks use Smartcar’s unified platform to effortlessly monitor and manage their customers’ electric vehicles.

Estimate charging times

Read the capacity and state of charge (SoC) from your customer’s EV battery. When they are looking to recharge, display nearby stations with estimated charging times.

Monitor charging progress

Let customers monitor their car’s location, charging status, and charging progress right from your app.

Start & stop charging

Determine when to start and stop charging specific vehicles based on the customer’s preferences and the vehicle’s current state of charge and range.

Get & set charge limit

Verify your customer's preferred charge limit and set thresholds during the EV charging session to preserve battery health.

Recharge mobile app showing the battery level of the user’s Tesla Model S and a map of nearby charging stations

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More than just EV charging

Offer smart charging solutions

Ask customers when their vehicle needs to be fully charged. Automatically start and stop charging when electricity rates are low, and energy sources are carbon-neutral.

Expand V2G programs

Include cars that aren’t vehicle-to-grid enabled in your program. Retrieve the state of charge and automatically start and stop charging those vehicles to balance electric grid load.

Enhance EV route and trip planning

Help customers plan trips based on their desired destination, their vehicle’s current state of charge, and the locations of charging stations along the way.

Power your rewards program

Reward customers for charging within your network and incentivize them to charge at times when carbon offsets are most significant.

An illustration of a connected vehicle on a winding road.

Draw valuable business insights

Identify charging vehicles

Using a vehicle’s VIN, charging status, and location, determine which customers’ cars are currently charging.

Predict usage spikes

Based on your customer’s charging habits and their vehicle’s location and remaining range, predict when and where they will want to recharge.

Understand customer loyalty

Decide where to place future chargers based on your network’s product usage and your customers’ out-of-network charging habits.

The power of Smartcar’s API

Compatible with 29 EV brands

Compatible with 30 EV brands

Smartcar lets you connect to most battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) with a single integration.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our friendly documentation and SDKs allow you to integrate Smartcar into any mobile or web app within a week. Automatic updates keep your integration up to date at all times.

Instant onboarding

Instant onboarding

With our user-friendly Smartcar Connect flow, your customers can connect new vehicles to your EV charging app in just a few clicks.

Side view of the front half of a gray BMW vehicle with a charging cable plugged into its charge port

What our customers say

“Smartcar gives us an easy and secure way to access information directly from the vehicle. Combining vehicle and charging station data allows eDRV to offer unparalleled functionality to the owners of charging networks.”

Bhaskar Deol

CEO and Co-Founder at eDRV

“Smartcar is indispensable to our success with the EV Navigation app. We’re not only accessing important data directly from vehicles to offer more precise route planning. We’re also able to provide much smoother UI and UX to our customers.”

Gabor Tarnok

CEO and Founder at GPS Tuner Systems