Unlocking freedom of movement for everyone

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Our mission

Unlocking freedom of movement for everyone

At Smartcar, we’re driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to unlock freedom of movement for everyone. We believe that equitable access to mobility is more than just a convenience — it's a modern right. We envision a world where mobility transcends barriers, where every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, can enjoy the advantages of unrestricted mobility to enrich their lives. After all, transportation isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's also about economic success, independence, and personal fulfillment.

Smartcar plays a pivotal role in enabling freedom of movement by providing the leading API for connected cars. Our API enables easy integration to cars, powering innovative mobility apps and solutions that improve lives. Whether it's helping individuals gain access to transportation, save money on auto insurance premiums, earn a living through car-sharing businesses, or contribute to environmental sustainability through electric vehicle usage, Smartcar drives a diverse range of innovative solutions that enhance individual and collective mobility experiences.

We also champion freedom of choice for vehicle drivers, ensuring they retain control over their data while accessing a wide range of mobility solutions tailored to their needs. Our platform prioritizes a consent-driven, privacy-first approach, ensuring individuals maintain full control over their data and can trust that their privacy is safeguarded. Through collaborative efforts between vehicle owners, automakers, and developers, we're powering innovations that redefine how we move, all while prioritizing consumer choice, transparency, privacy, and security.

Committed to driving positive change and leaving a lasting impact on mobility, we pave the way for a future where freedom of movement belongs to all.

Meet the team


CEO & Co-Founder

Quintessential early adopter. Perpetual hiker. Smartcar evangelist.


Chief Revenue Officer

Melburnian in America. Hat collector, gadget lover, Mario master, latte art hobbyist.


Chief of Staff II

NorCal Native. Marine Vet. Fastest eater you’ve ever met. I used to row boats.


VP of Marketing

Fueled by C₈H₁₀N₄O₂. Fractional baker extraordinaire. Chief Chaos Coordinator to two small humans.


VP of Partnerships

Friends and family event maestro. F1 fanatic. Netball rookie. Too old for bad wine. Culinary adventurer. Board game aficionado. Always orchestrating, cheering, exploring, and challenging!


Director of Customer Success

Jack of all trades, obsessed with customer experience. Would instantly fall to the Dark Side if he could use the Force.


Director of Finance

Weight lifting enthusiast. Budding vegetable gardener. Aspiring writer. Horror movie lover. Cat mom.


Director of People

Creative assistant to Napa the Yorkie. Avid multitasker. Enjoys mango boba.


Director of Product

Venezuelan-American with too many hobbies. Tell your dog I said hi. #GirlDad


Director of Experience Engineering

Weekend traveler. Amateur runner. Loves family, food, and good design.


Senior Director of Engineering

Self-proclaimed hot sauce connoisseur. Ardent musician. Perennially in search for problems to solve!


Director of Partnerships

Dad to 2 boys, 2 dogs, 2 geckos, 4 cars, and a chainsaw. AT thru-hiker. Car guy.


Sales Manager

Full-time sports junkie. Part-time gamer. I can make a mean PB&J.


Senior Sales Director

Winner of best personality in high school. Unofficial LA comic critic. Flexible vegetarian.


Sales Director

Peaked winning gold for tallest sunflower in '04. Absorbs world war documentaries. Likes to fix up old things.


Senior Sales Strategy and Operations Manager

Brit living in America. Loves cooking, running and jazz. Self proclaimed master scone maker!


Senior Revenue Operations Manager

Average skier, jalapeño chip savant, plant mom and advocate of the lazy sunday.


Strategic Account Manager II

Relationship Builder. Avid Listener. Sports and Coffee Enthusiast.


Senior Strategic Account Manager

Philly transplant, podcasts, pilates. Happiest lakeside in Skaneateles.


Senior Account Executive

Girl mom of 2, tennis fanatic, sunrise beachgoer, backgammon nerd, and cat lover.


Account Executive

Self-proclaimed professional dog trainer. If you can't find me, I'm at the lake. When life happens, coffee helps.


Associate Account Executive

LA stereotype undercover in NYC. Future reality tv contestant. Offerings include: debatable book recommendations, decent advice, and lots of baked goods.


Senior Account Executive

Weekend cycling spandex warrior. Likes pizza and working out in equal measure. No relation to Royalty (that we know of).


Senior Account Executive

Arsenal fan. Cat dad. Very amateur golfer. Takeaway lover. Occasionally likes to nerd out on space and Harry Potter.


Sales Development Representative

Fitness Fanatic. Fashion Enthusiast. Matcha Lover. Enjoys traveling and trying new food.


Sales Development Representative

Lover of fitness, coffee, video games, sunshine, and collecting cool things. Believes pumpkin spice should be a year-round flavor.


Senior Product Manager

Rugby fanatic. Cold Brew junkie. Fried Chicken Sandwich connoisseur.


Senior Product Manager II

Green thumb, too many pets, avid painter.


Business Intelligence Analyst

Fascinated by whales. ISO the best turkey sandwich. Patient Cleveland Browns fan.


Senior Product Designer

Trivia enthusiast and video game junkie. Can (and will) talk about cats and food for hours.


Solutions Architect II

Crafternoon enthusiast. Bringing order to the chaos I (probably) created. Will keep gifted plants alive.


Support Engineering Manager

Part-time Dungeon Master. Full time movie fanatic. Free time is mostly spent in a movie theater with a diet coke in one hand and popcorn in the other.


Support Engineer II

Comic book collector. Liverpool FC supporter. Audiophile.


Support Engineer

Tabletop and PC gamer. Could eat burritos for every meal. Obsessed with cats.


Recruiter II

Serial snacker, part-time vegetarian. Powered by iced coffee and Costco samples.


People Business Partner

Ex-acrobat. Chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. Will walk multiple miles for good espresso.


Senior Product Marketing Manager III

Avid traveler and coffee drinker. Admirer of his dog's lifestyle. Always up for a game of squash.


Event Marketing Manager II

Health and fitness enthusiast. Weekend wanderlust. Almond milk latte junkie.


Senior Demand Generation Marketing Manager II

A Canadian in Texas. Girl mom. Lover of fiction and Chardonnay.


Senior Marketing Manager, Content & Brand

Avid reader of fiction and sociology. Pasta enthusiast. Loves the gym and long runs.


Engineering Manager

Weekend chef. Guitar apprentice. Aspiring dire wolf owner.


Staff Infrastructure Engineer

Linux user since before it was cool. Eats Chipotle everyday. Brews his own beer.


Senior Software Engineer

Cup noodle devotee. Ballet nerd. Hates mushrooms.


Senior Software Engineer

Amateur sky diver. Chocolate chip cookie monster. Pokémon Master in training.


Senior Software Engineer

Aspires to visit all the national parks. Occasionally swaps laptop for sketchbook and pencil.


Senior Software Engineer

Fitness Junkie with a sweet tooth. Bollywood Enthusiast. Adventure freak but not a hiker.


Senior Software Engineer

Professional dad and husband. Amateur soccer player. Enjoys coffee and beer. Laptop sticker collector. The fastest coffee brewer of the Southwest.


Senior Software Engineer

Home automation and open source enthusiast. Avid traveler and perpetual learner.


Software Engineer II

Husband and Father. Aspiring carpenter. Textbook overthinker, I think.


Software Engineer II

Sneakerhead. Sports fanatic. Ninja of the Hidden Cloud Village. Iykyk.


Software Engineer II

Linux distro hopper. Travel junkie. Not to be trusted around ice cream.


Software Engineer II

Fails to hit the gym consistently. Addicted to buying games, not playing them. Secretly the Flame Hasira.


Software Engineer

Lover of lemons and everything sour. On a perpetual journey of building the coolest home desk setup. Lover of kabobs. Taught his dog the word "kabob" means treat, just so they would be on the same page.


Software Engineer II

Compulsive doodler. When not coding, can be found lifting heavy objects. Fatal flaw: uses light mode.


Software Engineer

Scared of birds. Average surfer. Meme enjoyer.


Software Engineer

Board game collector. Loves food adventures. Regrets asking for the spiciest level.


Chief Puppy Officer

Also known as “Leave it” and “Drop it.” Expert at playing fetch and destroying shoes. Still learning to be the goodest boy.

Napa the Yorkie

Chief Barketing Officer

Foodie. Attention seeker. Professional Instagrammer.


The Office Gossip

A little bit dramatic.


Chief Disruption Officer

Moves fast and breaks things.


Junior QA Tester

Aspiring Masters Agility Champion. Life motto: play hard, nap harder.


Nap Inspector

Breaks the World Record for longest naps... until she hears the treat bag. Will do anything for cheese.


Chief of Ah-woo's

Little spoon. 111lbs of goob. Snack monster.


Chief Communication Officer

Drama king. Expert Napper. Has a love hate relationship with squirrels.



Rescued from Craigslist. Loves her bumble bee stick toy. Will bop you on the head if provoked.


In-house Crossfit Instructor

Tug of war professional. Has serious hops. AKA Bubby.


Chief Fluffy Officer

ESFP. Doubles as a vacuum. Enjoys eating grass with a side of dirt.


Mentor, Puppy <retired>

Obedience school dropout. Startup office vet. World traveler. Met a dingo, chased a kangaroo.


Greeting Committee

Addicted to long naps and licking. Super-power is his puppy dog eyes. Says hi to anyone, especially in cramped elevators.


Backend Barker

Pet Stack: speak, handstand, pray, sit pretty.


Bark-end Engineer II

Adventurous. Frisbee prodigy. Cuddles to 20 mph in 1.2 seconds.

Henry and Martha

Puppy Partnerships

Proud rescues. Attention seekers. Love belly rubs, treats, car rides, hiking, and movie time.


Cat Information Officer

Will sit in front of monitor to ensure work is getting done. Enjoys sun tanning. Likes ham.


Box Inspector

Swallows kibble whole. Tall enough to open closed doors. Has been on a diet for 5 years.


Chief Frisbee Officer

Always on the hunt for alternative frisbee use cases.


Solution Bark-itect

Will find all possible ways to be as close as possible. Thinks he's a lap dog.


Chief Wellness Officer

Probably napping.


Chief Security Officer

A loyal Golden Retriever with a nose for trouble and a heart full of protection.


Chief Interruption Officer

Perpetual distractor. Originally from Greece. Loves carrots.


Scruff Master

She’s the scruffiest pedigree pooch in the world.


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New Enterprise Associates
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Bill Krause

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

Ron Bernal

New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

John Tough

Energize Ventures

Sanketh Katta