Auto insurance

Click, consent, verify mileage.

Retrieve telemetry from your customers’ cars instantly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Instantly onboard customers

Embed Smartcar Connect into your web portal or mobile app to collect user consent in just a few clicks. Your customers can review permissions before opting in.

Retrieve accurate car data

Smartcar communicates directly with the cellular modem built into 2015 and newer vehicles. Our technology is compatible with 37 car brands in the United States and beyond.

Increase customer retention

Create better user experiences, offer more competitive policies, and eliminate the hassle of self-reported mileage.

Paydrive mobile app showing the VIN and odometer reading of the user’s BMW X3

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  • Learn how insurers eliminate premium leakage with the Smartcar platform
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Front-page of Smartcar’s auto insurance white paper showing cars on a highway from a bird’s eye view

Better telematics data

Underreported mileage

Over 50% of drivers underreport their mileage every year. Smartcar lets you automatically verify a customer’s odometer at regular intervals.

Garaging misrepresentation

Verify your customer’s parking location to uncover garaging defects and hidden premium losses.

Invalid VINs

Confirm the VIN, make, model, and year of production that your customer provided at the point of sale.

Your savings with Smartcar

Calculate how much your personal auto insurance business can save using Smartcar.

Number of policies

Smartcar-compatible vehicles*


Annual policy price


Premium leakage from mileage


Premium leakage from garaging


Premium leakage from VIN


Premium leakage from mileage


Number of policies x 26% x $1,500 x (2.6% + 1.4% + 1%)

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* Today, 161 million vehicles in North America and Europe are compatible with Smartcar.

Build modern digital insurance products

Pay-per-mile policies

Pay-per-mile policies

Use odometer readings to charge your customers by the mile.

Time of day driving

Time of day driving

Determine which customers drive after dark to improve your usage-based insurance products.

Family safety

Family safety

Let parents keep track of how much and where their teens are driving.

Digital car keys

Digital car keys

Allow your customers to lock and unlock their vehicle directly from your app.

Driving reports

Driving reports

Give customers valuable insights into when and how much they drive—all directly within your app.

Pickup truck taking a left turn on an intersection with a stop sign on a municipal road surrounded by trees

What our customers say

“When we were looking for a user-friendly and cost-effective way to verify a policyholder’s mileage, Smartcar’s solution really stood out.”

Andreas Broström

CEO and Founder at Paydrive

“Using Smartcar’s APIs, we can provide new and innovative ways to make auto insurance fairer and more affordable for everyone.”

Murray Macdonald

CTO, COO, & Co-Founder at Just Auto Insurance

“Not only does the Smartcar platform provide amazing technology, but their team also helped us integrate in just a few weeks, which enabled us to scale incredibly fast!”

Scott Case

CEO and Co-Founder at Recurrent