Energy management

Manage EVs. Balance the grid.

Smartcar enables DERMS, virtual power plants, and energy retailers to remotely manage EV charging.


compatible EV models


compatible EV brands


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Automate active load control

Manage EV charging schedules to ensure battery health and efficient capacity utilization while reducing CO2 impact. The Smartcar EV API enables proactive load control.

  • Retrieve a battery’s state of charge (SoC).
  • Remotely start and stop charging an EV.
  • Preserve battery health by setting EV charge limits.

Simplify EV onboarding

Enroll EV owners in your managed charging program with a simple three-step process. Reduce friction in user onboarding by removing dependencies on charging hardware.

  • Ensure data transparency with consent-based data collection.
  • Shorten vehicle onboarding for higher conversion rates.
  • Enhance user experience with onboarding customization.

Scale EV programs faster

Connect to 34 compatible EV brands with one integration. Empower developers to build even faster with comprehensive platform features and a support team that’s ready to help.

  • Equip EV data infrastructures with industry-grade security compliance.
  • Partner with dedicated account managers and support engineers. 
  • Work with robust frontend and backend SDKs.

The Smartcar API in action

Home energy management

Optimize grid supply and demand by shifting EV charging loads to reduce grid strain and lower electricity rates.

Smart charging

Empower EV owners to schedule EV charging sessions based on driver preferences, dynamic pricing, or grid emission levels.

Demand response

Provide a secure and seamless experience for customers to enroll in passive and managed EV load control programs.

 DERMS and virtual power plants

Access EV data to inform EV load research, forecast grid demand, and optimize smart grid resources.

Energy retailers

Deliver tailored energy offerings, real-time pricing, and flexible energy distribution with reliable live EV data.


Streamline EV communication in a utility service territory to boost efficiency when managing grid demand and reducing renewable energy curtailment.

What our customers say

“Integrating with the Smartcar platform saved us months, if not years of engineering work. Being able to use one API to increase our breadth of supported EVs is a huge benefit for us.”

Brian Grunkemeyer

CEO at FlexCharging

“Without Smartcar, the process of integrating with electric cars would have been long, cumbersome, and resource-intensive. A small team like ours wouldn’t be able to achieve this on their own.”

Shwan Lamei

CEO at Emulate

“We chose Smartcar’s vehicle APIs to augment our EV Everywhere product capabilities, advancing our mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions for the energy and transportation sectors.”

Devashish Paul

CEO at BluWave-ai

“When looking for an electric vehicle API provider, Smartcar was the only option to fit the bill. Instead of calling out to tons of different vehicle APIs, we only need to call out to one.”

Casey Donahue

Founder at Optiwatt

“Smartcar has enabled us to level up our EV Managed Charging platform for electric utilities by filling an important technology gap — connecting to the vehicle.”

Abhay Gupta

CEO and co-founder at Bidgely

Battery level

Retrieve the state of charge (SoC) and the remaining range from an electric vehicle with a single API request.

Charging status

Know when your customer’s EV is plugged in and if the battery is currently charging.

Start & stop charge

Start and stop charging your customer’s vehicle remotely to balance their preferred schedule with the current electric grid load.

Get & set charge limit

Check and set the charge limit for EVs to effectively manage grid load expectations while optimizing battery life for your customers.

Rolling Energy Resources mobile app showing charging information and a start/stop charge button for a Tesla Model S

The benefits of the Smartcar API

Entirely hardware-free

Entirely hardware-free

Smartcar’s technology doesn’t require any aftermarket hardware. Our documentation and SDKs allow you to easily integrate our APIs into any web portal or mobile app.

Compatible with 29 EV brands

Compatible with 30 EV brands

Smartcar allows you to integrate with most battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) through our unified platform.

Simple user experience

Simple user experience

Thanks to our user-friendly Smartcar Connect flow, your customers can connect their vehicles to their electric utility account within seconds.

Dark gray Tesla Model 3 parked in front of Tesla charging stations next to a lawn with trees

Download our guide

Our guide to EV home energy management features real examples of how managed charging programs increase customer enrollment and engagement rates with our API. Download a copy to learn how to:

  • Retrieve up-to-date information from EVs during   and away charging.
  • Remotely control EV charging to balance demand and supply on the grid.
  • Connect to a majority of EVs on the road today.